DPRK Rejects Involvement in Attacks on Cryptocurrency Exchanges
North Korean authorities deny theft charges of $2 billion in cryptocurrency. Recall, according to the United Nations, North Korean hackers, with the support of the authorities, systematically attack crypto-exchanges and steal user funds. As a result, cybercriminals were able to withdraw from trading floors up to $2 billion in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The DPRK state media reported that the country has nothing to do with attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and, moreover, does not support hackers. Pyongyang accused the United States of intentionally spreading rumors about North Korea’s involvement in cyber attacks. According to a number of North Korean media, the UN "repeats the same old trick as Nazi propagandists". Many experts believe that with the help of cryptocurrencies, North Korea bypasses economic sanctions. In addition, Pyongyang has shown an increased interest in blockchain technologies, so that they can also bypass the restrictions that apply to the state.