Does Blockchain Bring a Threat to the US National Security?

We mostly talk about the advantages of the blockchain technology, namely security, transparency, safety; but what if it can be dangerous as well as some hacker attacks. Some of the US special services started to concern about it.

Andrew Bustamante, one of the former CIA intelligence officers, stated that blockchain was a “super powerful stuff” which brought a treat to the US national security in remarks to subreddit thread on December 20.

Bustamante is a veteran of US Air Force, as well as Fortune 10 corporate advisor, he specializes in espionage, and based on his knowledge of this field, he claimed this contestable statement.

In Bustamante’s “Everyday Espionage”, one Redditor asked him about “ the biggest threat to America national security in the coming years?”. Giving the answer to this question, he mentioned blockchain.

“Block-chain technology [sic.] No joke. Super powerful stuff, and the first one to figure out how to hack it, manipulate it or bring it down wins.”

This exclamation caused a big discussion in the blockchain community and users of Reddit. One user suggested that his remarks might refer to “the persistent possibility of untraceable, anonymous transaction [that] can happen” on blockchain. While another pointed out the potential for falsifying data, i.e. to hijack the blockchain for the purpose of disinformation.

We should remember that all new technologies are great, but if they fall into the wrong hands, they can be extremely damaging.

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