Digital Currencies Got to the TOP 5 Investment Threats of 2020
Specialists from the international financial regulator, NASAA, which includes investors in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, announced cryptocurrencies one of the most significant investment threats of 2020. The organization estimated the number of relevant investigations and trends in the work of regulatory bodies. Besides cryptocurrencies, NASAA experts included promissory notes, real estate investments, Ponzi schemes, and social media in the same list. The international regulator called for avoiding “limited and urgent” offers, especially if the organizers guarantee huge returns with minimal risks. Experts stressed that honest projects will not guarantee profitability under any circumstances since it is physically impossible. NASAA experts recommend being very careful and attentive choosing a project, checking licenses, permissions, looking for information about the creators, advisers, and developers. This approach minimizes the chance of being scammed.