Dfinity Showed Decentralized Version of LinkedIn Social Network

Dfinity specialists have developed a decentralized version of the LinkedIn social network, designed for business and finding business contacts. The new development was called LinkedUp.

The new application runs on the decentralized "Internet computer" Dfinity. The company claims that development can be in real competition with giants such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The developers made a presentation of the application, but they noted that did not launch yet. The main goal was to demonstrate the capabilities of their platform. The company is confident that they will be able to create decentralized versions of such giants as WhatsApp, Facebook, eBay, Salesforce, etc in the near future. Representatives of Dfinity joke that LinkedUp was created by "an engineer and a half in three weeks".

“Big tech has hijacked the internet and stifled innovation by owning the proprietary infrastructure and user relationships. As a result, a handful of for-profit companies have created a monopolistic and closed internet," Dominic Williams, founder, and chief scientist at Dfinity said, "The Internet Computer provides a means to rebuild internet services in open form."

They plan to launch the project at the end of 2020.

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