Devil May Cry 5: Demons, Action and Black Humor All in One Game
After almost 11 years of waiting DmC 5 is finally here, attracting both old players filled with nostalgia and newbies who are only starting their path through the franchise. Devil May Cry is a series of games in the genre of slasher developed by the Japanese studio Capcom. Devil May Cry 5 is the fifth game in the franchise first announced in 2016 during the video game conference E3. The game will be officially released on March 8, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows. This is going to be quite an interesting and peculiar gift for International Women’s Day, but maybe the game is going to be so great that it will even attract the fair sex to computers or consoles. Having inspected multiple reviews and comments on the game, we can draw a conclusion that DmC 5 is going to be pretty decent. All the previous games in the series differed in quality, so that kept all the fans nervous. However, it seems like Devil May Cry 4 will remain the most successful and popular one among all the others. Now let us introduce you to the brief review of Devil May Cry 5


The story picks up in the town of Red Grave a few years after the end of DmC 4. A creepy tower made up of giant demonic trees emerges in the center of Red Grave. and the town is filled with demonic activity. It attracts the attention of Nero, who now has his own transportable demon-hunting agency. He doesn’t have his infamous demonic arm anymore, instead he has an artificial limb called the Devil Breaker. A mysterious character V finds Nero and another famous demon-fighter Dante. Joined by supporting female characters, they try to save the world and fight demons. All the events of the game, except the flashbacks, unravel in the course of one day.


The gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 hasn’t changed much since part 4. You get to play 3 characters: Nero, Dante and V, all of which have their own personal style of combat. Using the variety of short- and long-range weapons, the players will earn a special “stylish ranks”. These ranks will depend on the complexity and length of fighting combinations, the ability to dodge attacks and the techniques used.


DmC characters have always been the strong side of the game: they are all very different and very charismatic.
  • Dante is a son of a demon who once decided to protect and save the world from these evil creatures. In the 5th part of the franchise, he remained his cheerful self, still enjoying fighting demons, joking around and using deadly weapons to fix his beard.
  • Nero is a young, but very tenacious demon fighter, who does not succumb to Dante in terms of joking and even insults the main villain of the game.
  • V is very strange and mysterious. He always talks as if hinting at something and makes an impression of a person who cannot be trusted.
  • The supporting female characters Trish and Lady do not influence the gameplay much, but are just nice to look at.
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