Developers Claim that the New Huawei Mate X Will Be Better than Samsung Fold
As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, the very well-advertised product of the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung, its first smartphone with a flexible screen Samsung Fold, turned out to be a woeful failure. The testers from major news agencies. that received the phone to try it out, reported huge problems with the screen, which actually broke whenever the user tried to bend it. Meanwhile, one of the main competitors of Samsung, the Chinese Huawei, decided to use this incident to their own advantage and present their own smartphone with a foldable screen in a better light against the background of Samsung’s fiasco. Huawei Mate X has already been presented, and we have covered this topic in the past, mentioning all the details available at that moment. Now we know more: new features, price, release dates etc.

When and where?

As reported by Gizchina, on the 20th of April, the company began the production of their smartphones, meant for sale. The sales will start in June and will first be available in China only. According to the company’s estimates, only around 80 thousand phones are going to be manufactures for the Chinese buyers. As for the rest of the world. the sales in other countries will start later this year. Moreover, only 300 thousand units will be put out for sale. Some people think that such a limited offer is due to the production complexity of foldable screens, others believe that this is a thought-out marketing strategy. Nevertheless, one fact remains true, Huawei Mate X will be extremely hard to get.


At first, Huawei wanted to keep the price of their gadget a secret, but now it is revealed. The price for the phone will no exceed 2090 dollars in China and 2540 dollars internationally. The developers promise that such a considerable price point is definitely going to pay off.

Better than Samsung Fold?

After the massive failure of Samsung Fold, Huawei took its time to research their gadgets once again and make sure that they work flawlessly. First of all, while Samsung Fold bend inward, which is dangerous for the display, Huawei Mate X folds outward. Such a structure releases pressure from the screen and, thus, it is less likely to break. Moreover, Huawei developers are now working on the ways to harden the screen and protect it from possible cracks. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: