Demand for iPhone 11 Turned out to be Extremely High
Smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are not only officially presented, but also available for pre-orders. New phones appeared in pre-order in several countries of the world at once, and their retail sales should start in a week, September 20. China was among the first countries, and pre-orders are accepted not only in official stores but also at the Tmall third-party store. By an official statement from Tmall, more than 1 million users have reserved a smartphone from the iPhone 11 series, leaving their contact details even before the start of accepting pre-orders. The majority of buyers are interested in the most affordable model - the iPhone 11, which costs starting from $699. According to the store, the demand for this model 200% exceeded the pre-order volume for the iPhone XR last year.