Qiao Wang Claims: DeFi Goes History

If you are into Bitcoin, there is no apparent reason not to understand DeFi.
Qiao Wang, a former CEO of Messari, a well-known stock trader and crypto trader, tweeted:

 “We have seen many stories in the short life of cryptocurrency. However, DeFi is one of the few projects that will definitely go down in history and remain"

With the advent of Bitcoin (BTC), we have come to realize the value of the Blockchain. The next smart move would be trading, loans, borrowing, mortgages, risk transfer, etc. If you understand and believe in Bitcoin (BTC), there is absolutely no reason not to understand DeFi.

However, Qiao Wang's claims are exactly the opposite of Messari founder Ryan Selkis's. Who stated that DeFi is a bubble destined to burst soon. Ryan Selkis is also convinced that DeFi is a pyramid scheme, shameless pools and exorbitant pharming appetites. And inflated transaction fees reduce the potential for profit within DeFi.