DappRadar plans to launch its own token

Lithuanian cryptocurrency analytics service DappRadar plans to move to a decentralized business model and launch its own RADAR token. So far, information on the launch date has not been disclosed. However, it is known to be used to support Web 3.0 management.

Recall that DappRadar monitors and analyzes data on DApp and NFT markets, allowing you to focus on high-quality investment products when compiling a portfolio.

The platform was founded in 2018 and quickly attracted the attention of investors from all over the world. Analytical materials of the company allow obtaining information about the state of the market and the prospects for investments in certain projects.

DappRadar currently monitors 8,300 DApps and 27 protocols. The service audience is about 4 million people. About 600,000 of them use the data on a regular basis (monthly).

The CEO of DappRadar, in a recent interview, shared his vision of the prospects for the transition to a decentralized governance model. According to him, they are engaged in daily analytics of decentralized projects. It would be illogical to maintain centralization ourselves.

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