DappRadar: Early 2022 GameFi

Crypto games with P2E “play to earn” principle are flourishing despite the general bearish dynamics of the crypto market. The number of gaming Dapps has grown by 62% since August 2021. In January 2022, they accounted for 52% of the activity in the blockchain space. Macro indicators show a bullish scenario for these projects.

TOP 5 facts

  1. Since the beginning of the year, games have attracted $1 billion in investments, which is 25% of all investments in blockchain games in 2021. Of these, 300 million was invested in NFTs on OpenSea.
  2. DeFi Kingdoms traded $1.6 billion, 243% more than Axie Infinity.
  3. The number of unique addresses in Crazy Defense Heroes at Polygon was 41,000 per day. This made the project the second most active use of Dapps on the network.
  4. On the BSC blockchain, the Bomb Crypto project took the lead. The daily average number of unique addresses was 40,000.
  5. Axie Infinity is not happy in the short term. However, adjusting the economic model of the game will definitely affect the sustainability of the project in the long run.

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK): the most successful project of January

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a gem in the Harmony ecosystem. This is a symbiosis of a crypto game and DeFi, which is a virtual pixel world. It allows you to exchange virtual assets, stake tokens, participate in liquidity pools, buy and sell goods on the NFT market.

The gaming component is represented in DeFi Kingdoms by gardens, banks, and taverns. Players need a JEWEL token, which can be given to the bank at interest or used for other in-game purposes. You can purchase a playable character (NFT) for it, as well as collectibles to equip it. In gardens, you can grow interest by replenishing liquidity pools with tokens.

The popularity of DeFi Kingdoms provided an influx of up to 22 thousand unique registrations in January. At the same time, 60% of the assets blocked in Harmony (i.e. the TVL indicator) is $1.2 billion.

This allowed the project not only to surpass Axie Infinity in terms of transaction volume. DFK accounts for 38% of all cash flows in blockchain games.



Gaming Perspectives Polygon

The Polygon sidechain became the most popular in January, not only in GameFi and the crypto gaming space, but also among all Dapps in general. The number of unique wallets registered daily increased by 76% to 209K UAW per day.

One of the most interesting projects at Polygon was Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH). Project in the genre of Tower Defense (“Tower protection”) came in second place in popularity on the network.

The Arc8 project, developed by the “daughter” of Animoca Brands - the Gamee company, also distinguished itself. It attracted over 58,000 UAWs in January.

Other popular games include Pegaxy, Aavegotchi, Fear, Phantom Galaxies, REVV Racing, Zed Run, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, the upcoming Galaxy Fight Club, Riot Racers.

The coolest games of January

Splinterlands on Hive



In terms of online activity, this game outperformed all the others. Every day, 312 thousand unique addresses were registered in the game. The player base grew by 4.5% in January. Players make up 95% of the users of the Hive blockchain.

Axie Infinity on Ronin



The game project retains its leadership in terms of daily active users. 2.8 million people enter the game every day. The number of unique wallets is 100 thousand, which brings the game to third place in this indicator.

Sky Mavis is actively changing the token economy and plans to introduce a virtual land regime this year. The Ronin ecosystem is thriving. On the decentralized exchange Katana, a total of $620 million is blocked.

Also, Axie NFT Heroes is still the best-selling collection of NFTs with $4.1 billion in sales from $130 million in January.

Alien Worlds at WAX



In terms of unique addresses, Alien Worlds was in 2nd place in January. It attracted 205,000 new players every day.

Also, the GameFi project Farmers World, which attracted 83 thousand UAW daily, managed to light up at WAX. This is 25% more than last year. Dark Country and Blockchain Brawlers are also becoming popular at WAX.

Upland on EOS



The game project is one of the oldest in the history of blockchain games. A beta version was released in 2020. In January, Upland received over 63,000 UAWs a day. This is 10% more than before.

Bomb Crypto on BSC



A game project similar to the popular arcade game Bomberman allows you to earn BCOIN tokens. You can sell and buy heroes on the NFT market.

The player base is constantly growing. In January, 40 thousand were connected daily. This is 19% more than in December. This project has surpassed Mobox in popularity. Its transaction volume is 458% higher. In the coming weeks, the launch of new game mechanics and marketplace is expected.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the situation for cryptocurrency games is not bad. Many projects are growing their audience despite the general bear market.

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