Cryptomom: “SEC innovations threaten DeFi”

Hester Pierce said that the SEC has a negative attitude towards DeFi, promoting its new vision of the market. Blame the vague wording in a recent statement from the agency.

The information published on January 26 contains an indication of the need to adapt the rules regarding exchanges trading in securities. Every year they become more and more "electronized".

According to Hester Pierce, vague language can threaten DeFi projects. With the introduction of new legislation, the SEC can establish strict control over a large number of trading mechanisms.

Her opinion is confirmed by other experts. They point out that SEC leadership has repeatedly urged the teams behind DeFi protocols to register their platforms with the SEC because they are centralized.

Also, according to Henry Gensler, the head of the department, almost all cryptocurrency projects are to some extent unregistered securities and need to be controlled. Does this mean that more regulation is ahead?

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