Asirtum dApp

Superior DeFi yields should not be limited only to those with deep crypto knowledge. Meet new unique Asirtum MultiChain solution. DeFi includes all sorts of exciting financial applications that offer lending, borrowing, trading, insurance and much more.

More broadly, DeFi refers to a movement, where the goal is to build a better financial system by leveraging the power of permissionless blockchain technology to create one that is transparent, permissionless, cheaper, open-source and decentralized.

Asirtum uses positions secured by digital assets.  Asirtum Labs have created tools to improve manage crypto assets without intermediaries. Delegation mitigate your risks as an asset holder. Staking allows you to receive rewards by just keeping tokens in virtual and Liquidity pools. By staking, you let them work for you and increase your earnings while they are sitting in a Asirtum pool.

Blockchain is the foundational technology that underpins the of the Asirtum ecosystem. Blockchains and Web3 are transforming how we exchange value and unlocking new economic coordination.   For Web3 to be fully decentralized, its apps need to be hosted on decentralized storage. Busts in silhouette DeFi teams are considering how to increase the security of their products through decentralizing their front-ends. Asirtum realizes this need and has taken such a vital step. Decentralized finance is committed to creating the best financial landscape possible with the advent of the Internet and blockchain technology. Asirtum will be a bridge between blockchains - Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. The advantage of a cryptocurrency bridge is the ability to transfer assets between blockchains. If you use Asirtum a bridge between blockchains, you get advantages of all networks, avoiding their disadvantages. The Chain Bridge opens a new era of interaction that will eventually open up new opportunities for the benefit of all market participants.

Any user of the Asirtum can lending they’re cryptocurrency and receive rewards.

Lend your coins in and earn interest from staking. After depositing the assets, you will receive the tokens, which confirms the type and amount of assets you have deposited. Your borrow limit depends on the amount of deposited collateral. You will be able to borrow up to 100% of your collateral and repay at any time with accrued interest. Gain exposure to crypto without reducing your personal assets. By borrowing, you can obtain working capital with high liquidity without selling your cryptocurrencies.

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