8. April in Antalya, Tone Vays auf der Blockchain Wave-Konferenz

On April 8, Antalya will host a crypto conference with the intriguing name Blockchain Wave for the first time in the lounge format . Do you want to be on the wave of the crypto industry, negotiate and relax in the middle of the crypto-hangout? Then you must be at Rixos Downtown Antalya from 7 to 9 April !!! 

All inclusive concept, heated pool, views of the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains will please everyone! At what conference are there more such opportunities? 

On the official day of the conference, April 8, the speakers will include American opinion leader Tony Weiss. In the evening of the same day, guests will be able to attend the afterparty, where they will enjoy the costume show “Crypto Kombat: In Search of Satoshi Nakamoto”. 

First of all, the conference and the party that followed it are positioned by the organisers as a networking party for the leaders of the crypto sphere. Who, in a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere, will be given the opportunity to share their experiences and find new partners. The atmosphere of the resort is conducive to informal, closer and more confidential communication. And there is no question of being bored, since all 33 pleasures are always there! Moreover, the organisers - the Centex platform and the Lead Volume agency - are experienced players in the online entrepreneurship market and know a lot about events.

Today, Turkey is one of the leaders in the field of cryptocurrency integration, which is facilitated by the loyalty of the authorities, infrastructure, millions of users and the easy exchange of fiat for crypto and vice versa. Only one of the local exchanges has 1.5 million traders. And the fans of football clubs who have invested in Turkish fan tokens have already received their Xs are estimated at several million. Now in Turkey, 16% of residents own cryptocurrencies, and this is the 4th result in the world in terms of the percentage of crypto users to the total population of the country. 

In addition to Turkish crypto enthusiasts, there will be speakers, sponsors, projects and guests from Germany, England, USA, Switzerland, China, India, UAE, Israel, Ghana, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Have fun with like-minded people and benefit from Blockchain Wave !


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