Rollercoin: Bergbausimulator mit echten Auszahlungen!

Many people do not even know how to mine Bitcoin. Now it's not a problem! Play Rollercoin mining simulator and make real money

Players are encouraged to compete with each other to get as much BTC as possible when running a mining farm simulator. The goal of the game is to bypass the others and build your own mining empire.

The game gives an idea about Bitcoin mining and stimulates interest in this activity. However, in the mining simulator there are no investments, risks and you do not require technical skills to assemble and maintain the equipment.



According to the creators, the game Rollercoin is not hard work. This makes mining interesting. To start playing, you need to register through an e-sale or Facebook account.

Then you create your own character, and you can get to work. Build your own data centers, upgrade and modify hardware, and increase computing power.

Blocks are mined every 10 minutes. As the equipment is worn out, you will have to spend the money earned on repairs, electricity bills, rental rooms and air conditioning. Everything is like in reality.

The design of the game Rollercoin resembles a classic 8-bit arcade game. It has a main line, secondary tasks and mini-games. As you progress, if the player's actions are successful, the share in the mining pool and income grows.

You can also earn money by participating in competitions and various promotions. The money earned in the game can be withdrawn in real money - BTC, ETH or DOGE.

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