Die Rolle der Bekleidungstechnologien im Fortschrittsprozess

The process of making clothing stretches back thousands of years to times of our hunter and gatherer ancestors, who realized that animal skins can be used for protecting themselves against the harshness of the elements. If we fast forward a few millennia to 1853, when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss sewed the first pair of cotton jeans, it becomes evident how technologies were leveraged to produce strong, durable and popular clothing that could be accessed by the vast majority of the population. The original wearers of Levis Strauss jeans were gold miners, but fashionable, comfortable, affordable cotton clothing, as well as the technology of its mass production and distribution started its evolutionary journey in the dust.

Cotton is now used in an endless variety of types of goods and clothing, including trousers, shirts, shoes, bags, backpacks, furniture, hats, items of personal hygiene, and even the US dollar bill, which is made from cotton and hemp fibers. But cotton also has platforms for its sale and commercial application, which cannot be distanced from technological advancement.

The ongoing penetration of blockchain technologies into real sectors of the global economy has allowed the CottonCoin project to digitize all stages of the production of cotton clothes. Starting from the cotton field and ending with the store shelf, the entire production chain entails the involvement of at least 5 intermediaries, thus increasing the prices of clothing tenfold for end users. Modern blockchain technologies make it possible to track the full length of the production chain and remove unnecessary intermediaries, reduce production costs, and achieve the best prices and quality. The application of blockchain infrastructures in production and retail operations within the CottonCoin project also ensures that all project participants get their share of the profit, depending on the number of native platform CTCN CottonCoins they purchase for subsequent settlements in the native online store or through resale.

The rapid scaling of online shopping is allowing such platforms as Amazon and AliExpress to reach every 7th and 5th inhabitant of the planet, respectively, thus making such a means of purchasing goods not only convenient, but also profitable. By leveraging the built-in marketplace of the CottonCoin project, users will be able to buy any type of clothing directly from manufacturers, significantly saving on prices with added convenience and value. The CottonCoin website will allow users to place orders on fashionable, comfortable, high quality clothes directly using the CTCN, acting as an off-ramp for its transition to mass use across exchanges and retail platforms.

The role of technology is to streamline convenience and assist average people in improving their lifestyles. The CottonCoin project, with its blockchain-based production and native cryptocurrency, is intent on becoming the next step in the evolution of the seller-buyer relationship model on the clothing market.

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