Die Team Group stellt eine spezielle SSD für den Chia-Bergbau vor

Team Group on the Chia hype unveiled a new solid-state drive with a 12 petabyte recording guarantee. The product is designed specifically for miners of "green" cryptocurrency.

The company decided to approach the creation of equipment more far-sighted, making it many times more durable than conventional SSDs, but at the same time leaving the volume of modest 1 and 2 terabytes. Despite the fact that most miners buy drives with a volume of more than 8 terabytes, and some even purchase dozens of 18 terabyte hard drives into their farms.

The M.2 2280 series of PCIe 3.0 x4 drives is called T-Create Expert. The 2 terabyte drive has a 12 petabyte write headroom, while its 1 terabyte “little brother” boasts 6 petabyte headroom.

The manufacturer stated that the speed of reading information can reach up to 3400 MB s, and the speed of writing data up to 3000 MB s. Read IOPS up to 180,000 and 140,000 write. Price of the device has not yet been disclosed.

Team Group noted that special flash memory chips were used in the creation of the SSD, due to which such an impressive warranty period was achieved. At the same time, some Chinese storage manufacturers had to add Chia mining to the list of out-of-warranty cases due to the rapid deterioration of storage media due to the mining of “eco” cryptocurrency.

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