Snowden und Paris Hilton verdienen über 6 Millionen US-Dollar mit NFT

Art objects in the form of NFT are attracting more and more attention. Many art lovers and blockchain technologies are willing to pay fabulous sums for them - from a few thousand to tens of millions

We offer you the top 10 most popular NFT, sold April 12-18. The list is compiled by the guys from DappRadar.

It turned out that the largest amount earned by Edward Snowden for his NFT with the pages of the court case. It was valued at $5 million. The buyer was PleasrDAO. The proceeds were donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

In second place is Paris Hilton. Her Iconic Crypto queen, co-created with Blake Kathryn, sold for $1.11 million.

In third place is Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis. The comic page brought the creators of NFT 420 ETH. That's about $1.02 million in cash.



Also in the big sales last week were the estate in the game Decentraland, which was sold for 268.8 thousand dollars, and a couple of plots in the game Sandbox. The most expensive plot was sold for 241.8 thousand, and the other two for 235 and 230.1 thousand dollars respectively.

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