Der EOS-Gründer kündigte die Schaffung eines dezentralen sozialen Netzwerks an

Daniel Larimer, founder of the EOS decentralised application platform, has unveiled a new project called Clarion. He updated his code on Github on March 2, announcing the formation of a development team.

Due to the open source code and the absence of the need to spend money on it, the project has already attracted the attention of many developers and Larimer's Twitter followers.

According to Daniel, this will be a community whose development depends entirely on the people who will be present at the site. Clarion OS's P2P network will not become a blockchain and promises to be resistant to outside influences. Especially - we are talking about resistance to censorship. For example, especially annoying regulators of the largest countries of the world.

To distribute content, Clarion OS uses a living resource - people. Your friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances to deliver interesting content. The main goal is to build a free and logically decentralised network.

The heart of the project will be a human-to-human messaging protocol with encrypted chat and real-time video functions. Using the Web Assembly module in Clarion OS, you can create your own applications, including smart contracts and coins.

Considering the previous, all successful, experience of Larimer with the projects Steem, and Bitshares, the project can attract a lot of attention.

But it was not without the negative. Because Larimer is known among crypto enthusiasts as a person who abandons his brainchildren at some point, generating copies of them. For example, the Steem blockchain, which ideologically has many points of contact with Clarion. Therefore, many do not share the enthusiasm for creating a new generation of decentralised social networks.

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