Dogecoin-Testnetz gestartet

Cryptocurrency meme DOGE launches testnet. Dogechain will increase the usefulness of the project by launching its own smart contracts for applications and DeFi projects, as well as compatibility with Ethereum.

The test network will allow you to study how applications work on the network, check the functionality of the blockchain and timely eliminate the deficiencies found before the main network is launched. Dogechain users will be able to participate in testing by creating various dApps.

The DOGE testnet is an EVM Ethereum compatible chain based on the Polygon Edge framework. It will allow users to interact with modern technologies like NFT.

DOGE holders can exchange their tokens for wDOGE PoS. With their help, you can access DeFi, NFT, SocialFi, GameFi and other ecosystems on the blockchain. Users of the Dogecoin network can:

  • Be a member of the DAO.
  • Become a member of WEB3.0 projects with metaverses.
  • Play crypto games and participate in communities of GameFi projects.
  • Create and exchange non-fungible tokens on marketplaces, paying for gas in DOGE.
  • Trade tokens on DEX, earn on staking, lending and other DeFi opportunities.

Cryptocurrency developers believe that Dogechain will become very popular, especially in the DeFi-sphere, more precisely - in DogeFi, as members of the community call it.

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