Chinesisches Krankenhaus führt Blockchain-basiertes Kontoverwaltungssystem ein

A Chinese hospital has launched a blockchain-based account management system

In Hainan province, patients have begun receiving the first e-invoices sent out through a blockchain-based management system. The innovation was introduced by the Chengmai County People's Hospital

According to official information, bills are sent to patients' cell phones. They can log in and check what services were billed for, as well as examine medical records stored in the blockchain system in real time.

You don't have to visit hospital or financial institutions to pay and check bills. Everything can be controlled and paid directly from home, online. The check can be received using WeChat.

About the medical account management system

The launch of the first medical bills management system was orchestrated with great fanfare. A conference was held during which the first invoice dispatch ceremony took place. Such attention, in fact, is not surprising.

The launch of this DLT pilot is yet another innovation in the reform of the traditional financial sector. Blockchain provides a high degree of protection against counterfeiting, ease of tracking, and reliability.

Thanks to this technology, the digital economy becomes more dynamic and customer-oriented. In addition, there is no possibility of double invoicing and loss of the transferred payment. The blockchain stores information securely.

Why is the project launched in Hainan province

Hainan Province takes a leading position in the implementation of DLT technologies in the public administration. The head of the local department of the Ministry of Finance noted that thanks to regularly launched pilot projects, it is possible to track problems and optimize the provision of services based on blockchains.

In the future, even more administrative services will be transferred to DLT chains. The main task of the authorities is to form a single network so that all government agencies can freely exchange information.