Argentinische Bauern geben Agrotokens aus

The devaluation of the peso is forcing Argentinean agricultural business farmers to look for new ways to maintain profits. One of them is the tokenization of agriculture

Local farmers use tokens backed by agricultural products. This helps to protect small and medium businesses from the negative impact of inflation.

Agrotokens are in circulation both in Argentina and abroad. They allow you to solve the liquidity problem. They also help tackle instability in the agricultural sector.

Argentina is not the first country where small businesses have resorted to tokenized assets to raise funding. This practice has been used in developing countries for several years.

Argentine farmers create investment channels with CoreLedger. This startup is developing its own P2P platform, the users of which will have access to the global barter blockchain system.

Platform participants will be able to issue their product-backed tokens, sell or exchange them for other digital agro-assets or other tokens. It is profitable and promising!