Überprüfung der Finanzhandelsplattform Xprestrade

Currently, as more and more people want to directly invest in financial assets, the number of financial trading platforms that provide various services is also increasing. In this article, we will take a closer look at Xprestrade , a financial trading platform that allows convenient financial investment .


Various tradable products


Xprestrade Trading Products


The first advantage of Xprestrade is the ability to trade a wide range of instruments. Xprestrade supports forex trading, stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, stock index trading, commodity trading, and stock CFD trading .

Among them, Forex trading supports the spot foreign exchange market, the forward foreign exchange market, and the futures foreign exchange market, and supports not only major foreign exchange pairs such as Euro-dollar, dollar-yen, pound-dollar, but also various foreign exchange pairs such as pound-yen and pound-peso. . In addition, leveraged trading is available on Xprestrade, making investing more convenient.

It also supports trading cryptocurrencies, stock indices, and commodities, giving you the freedom to invest in any product you want, when you want, on Xprestrade, without the need to use multiple platforms. This is an advantage that differentiates it from many financial trading platforms that focus on only one product, such as cryptocurrency or foreign exchange.

Convenient social trading service


Xprestrade Logo


The second advantage of Xprestrade is that it supports social trading features. The social trading function is a function that allows you to check the portfolios of other investors and apply them to your own portfolio or share your portfolio with others. The social trading function is a very useful function that even beginners can easily check the strategies of investment experts. In addition, the trading proficiency system makes it easy to see which investors' strategies are popular.

Social trading is largely divided into two functions: 'copy' and 'view'. The 'copy' function is a function that can automatically imitate all trades of the desired investor. For example, if you copy Investor A's portfolio today, the stocks Investor A buys and sells from today will automatically be bought and sold in their portfolio as well.

Next, the 'watch' feature is a feature that allows you to track the trading activity of any investor you want. This tracked transaction activity can be viewed at a glance on your profile page or social feed. The 'Watch' function is useful when you want to check the trading activity of several professional investors.

Custom account options available


Xprestrade Account Options



The third great thing about Xprestrade is that it offers a variety of account options. After a simple sign-up process, you can open an account and choose the account that suits you and your budget to trade. In particular, all account options include an e-book, making it easy for beginners to learn how to use the platform and start investing.

Convenient trading function

The second advantage of Xprestrade is that it offers convenient trading features. First, when investing in financial products, you can manage investment risk by setting stop-loss/take-loss points and automatically trading stocks to minimize losses when a predetermined price is reached.

Additionally, as the platform supports leveraged and CFD trading, you can find investment opportunities in both market downtrends and uptrends. Xprestrade supports custom charts and live data feeds and allows you to trade from any computer, phone or tablet, so you can trade anytime, anywhere.

Convenient trading platform, Xprestrade

So far, we have learned more about the financial trading platform Xprestrade. Xprestrade provides social trading services and supports trading of various commodities. If you want to make direct financial investments while checking the strategies of other investors, and take advantage of CFD trading and leveraged investing, we recommend using Xprestrade.

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