Anspruch auf Gerechtigkeit - Können sie wirklich bei Krypto-Betrug helfen?

There is not one person in this world who doesn’t understand the importance of the internet in everyday lives. There are countless purposes it can serve and has been doing so from the very beginning. Even if your internet goes down for a few hours or even minutes, it results in disastrous results because you have come to depend on it for a lot of things. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that it is all roses because there are some thorns you have to contend with as well. The flexibility, freedom, diversity and openness of the internet has also made it a breeding ground for criminals.

In a perfect world, there would be no criminals, but since the world is not perfect, we have to deal with them and they also exist on the internet. As a matter of fact, it is easier for them to carry out their activities online because of the lack of regulation and accountability. Consequently, online scams, frauds and other such activities have become widespread. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from; anyone can be a victim of these frauds and scams and it feels horrible to have to find yourself in such a situation.

It will make you feel helpless because finding a trace of those who have scammed you is easier said than done. It is true that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, but it is important to remember that these cybercriminals have also taken advantage of this progress to get better at what they do. It is one of the top reasons that the number of scams and frauds has increased so dramatically in the last few years. They have upgraded their tactics, making it difficult for people to be able to identify them and falling for their trap eventually.

One of the spaces that have experienced these numbers is that of online trading. Once people discovered you could invest and trade online rather than having to go anywhere, they jumped onto the bandwagon in massive numbers. This gave scammers and fraudsters the opportunity to scam people out of their money and so, the concept of scam and fake brokerages and investment schemes was born. Today, you can find thousands of unregulated and shady platforms and brokers that exist in the market and they have made victims out of countless people.

The biggest problem is that when you do become a victim, it can be difficult to find any kind of help because you don’t really know what to do. You know others have been defrauded and scammed before and if you look for their stories, you won’t find any encouraging answers. Some are too embarrassed to share any details, while others don’t really have any hope of ever making a recovery. There are those that do try and use whatever resources they have at their disposal, but they haven’t seen much progress.

But, as mentioned earlier, technology has progressed and issues that seemed too difficult previously, have now become a possibility. Recovering your money from online scams is one of them. You may be skeptical about it and can do your research to eliminate any doubts about it. When you do, you will come to know that there are services that are established for the sole purpose of assisting anyone who has become a victim of an online fraud or scam. You have only to search and will find a multitude of these companies, simply because there is a great demand for them. Claim Justice is also a similar service and its name says it all.

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, Claim Justice was launched by AWL Technologies LTD for assisting anyone who wanted to make money on the internet, but had the misfortune of trusting cybercriminals and ended up getting exploited. Security is their specialty and they have extended their services to victims in different parts of the world in order to give them the opportunity of getting back what they have lost. No one wants to lose money that they earned through their hard work and effort, especially when they could have used it for thousands of other purposes.

With Claim Justice, you don’t have to worry about it because they promise to help you assist you in this regard. But, can they really help? It is not the first time that a company makes such tall claims and you want to be sure they are capable. How can you find out? The answer is to look and evaluate their services, offerings and features. This, you can do right here:

Claim Justice’s Team

Before you look at anything else, you need to look at the team behind Claim Justice. Why? Who do you think will do the recovery on your behalf? You will find all sorts of claims and promises on their website and there is a lot of talk, but who will do it all? This is where the team at Claim Justice comes in because it is these people who will take the responsibility and provide you everything that has been said. The fact is that it is easy to claim that you can do something, but actually doing it is a whole different ball game.

In order to determine whether they can live up to their claims or not, you have to look at their employees. Claim Justice is not exactly a new recovery service and they have been catering to their clients for quite some time. As aforementioned, they have managed to extend their operations and the only reason they have been able to do so is because their team has the experience and expertise to do so. They have chosen to hire professionals with a great deal of skill and knowledge about these online scams, the laws applicable to them and the inner workings of the finance industry.

They are able to make use of it to help people in tracking the scammers who stole their money and finding them in order to obtain a refund. They can reach out to the proper authorities and report these scams as well, in order to ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Claim Justice’s Process

One of the most important things you need to know about a recovery service is their process. How will they start recovering your lost funds and what steps they will take? What will you be required to do and so on. These are questions you will have and to get the answers you want, you have to book a consultation with Claim Justice. There are some fake recovery companies that ask their clients to make upfront payment before the consultation and will then disappear. But, genuine and authentic companies have a completely different process altogether.

This is also applicable here, as you will soon discover that Claim Justice doesn’t require you to pay for the first consultation. Before you pay for their services, you have a chance to speak to them, share your case details and see how they respond. It is also an opportunity for you to be able to ask questions that you might have to reassure yourself and help you in making your decision. Claim Justice’s team will be more than willing to answer your questions and address your concerns in order to satisfy you. If you want to move forward, they will obviously ask you to pay a small fee for their service.

It will not burn a hole in your pocket and is a very reasonable amount. After you are done, Claim Justice will assign a team member to your case. They will also ask you to provide documentation and information about your case. You have to be straightforward and honest with them about everything and share every single detail. Make sure you don’t forget or miss out on anything because it can make it difficult for them to recover your funds.

They will also ask you to share proof of the transaction, as this makes it easier to know how much they have to refund. You also need to share the website name and any other communication you might have had with the scam or fraud platform. The team member assigned by Claim Justice to your case will keep you updated about the progress they make with your case. They are more than willing to share details of what they are doing and will inform you of how closer they are to making a recovery. It is a slow process and can take time because there are some formalities involved, but this doesn’t make it impossible.

Claim Justice’s Costs

It is understood that you want to know what costs will be incurred when you decide to use Claim Justice for getting your hard-earned money back. You don’t want to be handed a long and hefty bill at the end of the day that takes a good, solid bite out of the funds that are recovered for you. If you have to give away most of the money in recovery, why bother going for it in the first place? The charges have to be low enough to make it worthwhile for anyone to even consider scam recovery services. Luckily, you will not be disappointed when you check Claim Justice’s cost.

As mentioned above, they ask you to pay a small fee after you are done with your first consultation and this is used to officially begin the recovery process on your behalf. The remaining charges are deducted in the form of a commission that’s applied to the amount Claim Justice recovers on your behalf. There is no fixed percentage, which is quite a relief because not every scam is similar. There are some that are quite complex and others that are quite straightforward and the fee should be charged accordingly.

This is exactly what happens at Claim Justice and they will determine your fee at the end because they will be able to ask for a justified amount. You don’t need to be concerned because it will never be too high and you will not have any problems in paying them easily.

Claim Justice’s Help

Does Claim Justice value its customers? It is an important question that you need to ask about the company because any business that doesn’t focuses on satisfying its clients is not worth using. You will be left frustrated and annoyed at the end of the day and this is something you want to avoid because you have already been scammed before. It is not an experience that anyone wants to repeat, so it is best to check beforehand, so you don’t have to deal with any unwanted surprises later on.

When you do that with Claim Justice, you will find that they indeed value their customers because they have provided excellent resources and channels for them to use for guidance and assistance. They can provide you with tips and guidelines to steer clear of any frauds and scams and how to prevent them. Likewise, they also have channels that you can use for talking to their customer support representative. You will find plenty of phone numbers available on their website that can be used for this purpose. You can call them up if the matter is urgent.

It is natural to want to do so, especially if you haven’t received an update or there is something important you want to share with Claim Justice. They have also added a chat option on their website that you can use for getting in touch with them right away and they will respond quickly. You can also go to their website and find the Contact Us page. Here, you will be given a form to fill and once you have done so, an agent will contact you themselves to help you resolve your respective problem.

You will not be left hanging and they will cooperate with you every step of the way. Thanks to Claim Justice, you will be able to recover your valuable funds and use them right. 

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