BTC-Trends Review - 10 Gründe, warum Händler diesen Broker wählen sollten

Online brokerage firms have seen an influx of new traders over the past decade or two. This is because online trading is becoming the number one choice for people wanting to work from home

Moreover, it keeps regular traders from the hassle of going out to the offices for investing in assets. With thousands of online trading firms accessible from the comfort of your home, who would want to do it manually. However, it can be difficult to find a brokerage firm that is best suited for you.

When you are new to trading, you may find that you need to make a lot of choices in the beginning. The most important of these choices is to find an online brokerage firm that is right for you. It can be quite difficult to find a trading firm, from the thousands of choices available on the internet, that meets your criteria. It is best to start this journey by trying the firms recommended by an experienced trader. On that note, I would like to recommend BTC-Trends to anyone having trouble finding a reliable brokerage firm. My experience with this broker showed me many reasons why it would be a great choice for new traders. 

In this article, I will be listing ten reasons why I think that BTC-Trends is a good choice for new traders. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 features of BTC-Trends.






Crypto, Commodity, Stocks, Indices


Up to 1:400

Trading Platform

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet



2FA Authentication


Account Types

Micro, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Min. Deposit

5000 Units of Base Currency

Customer Support

24/5 (Phone, Email, Callback)


Top 10 Features of BTC-Trends

A Trading Platform You Can Trust

The trading platform that the broker offers is something that you should really pay attention to. The trading platform is important because once you sign up with a broker, every action that you will perform as a trader will be through this platform. So, if the trading firm provides a trading platform that is full of errors and has a low-quality performance, then it will hinder your trading performance. Moreover, when dealing with highly volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies, the trading platform needs to be able to provide you with the latest intel and updates. It can be hard to make profitable investments from a lagging platform. So, make sure that the quality of the trading platform that the trading firm offers is good.

Many trading firms design their trading platforms on the already existing platform software. Despite the quality performance of these platforms, the downside is that the brokerage firm has to design its features according to what the platform can support. This keeps the firm from moving forward with its visions. BTC-Trends offers a propriety trading platform that was developed with the latest technology. The self-designed trading platform allows the broker to offer its features and services in the way it wants to without having to compromise. The trading platform is packed with advanced tools that assist you with investment decisions. It also keeps you up-to-date with the market rates so that you can invest in an asset at the right time.

The brokerage firm offers its trading platform in the form of a web trader which is one of the easiest to use and maintain forms of a trading platform. People may say that propriety platforms have the disadvantage of carrying errors and bugs which may be true for some web traders. However, the BTC-Trends trading platform was developed under the care of professionals to ensure that every feature and widget of the platform worked seamlessly. To maintain the smooth performance of the platform, regular check-ups are made in the system to fix any bugs that may have formed. Moreover, web traders do not require you to download nay additional software to your device nor do you have to update the device software to make it work properly. All that you need to do to access your account is visit BTC-Trends’ website and log in to your account.

However, if you do want to access the trading platform from your device, you can download its apps from the Apple and the Google play store for your tablets and smartphones to trade on-the-go.



Varying Account Choices

You will find that all brokerage firms offer at least a few choices when it comes to account options. This is because not all trading features and conditions are available at the same cost. Some features are enough for beginners but professional traders need more complex tools and features to make successful trades. In this regard, BTC-Trends also offers varying account choices for the traders. These account choices are developed in a way that they can cater the needs of different kinds of traders. So, whether you are a new trader, intermediate, or a professional one, BTC-Trends has an account for you.

Unlike many other trading firms that offer around 3 to 4 account options, BTC-Trends offers five different accounts to choose from. These accounts include the micro account, bronze account, silver account, gold account, and the platinum account. All of these accounts provide varying features to the traders which increase as you upgrade the account.

The basic account that BTC-Trends offers is the Micro account which is a great choice for new traders. This account offers features such as data analysis, video tutorials, and 24-hour customer service. The minimum deposit that you need to deposit to verify this account is just 5000 MNT which equals 1.75 USD. This is an amazing price at which you can access more than the basic account features.

The Bronze account is a higher tier than the Micro account and requires an initial deposit of 25,000 MNT. It supports all the features of the Micro account with the addition of access to webinars and seminars as well as a dedicated account manager. This account is great for traders who have some experience in online trading.

Following this is the Silver account that offers the additional features of premium daily analysis. With an initial deposit requirement of 75,000 MNT, this account is great for trader with a little bit more experience in trading under their belt.

The Gold account requires a minimum deposit of 150,000 MNT and offers additional services to the ones provided in the first three accounts. In fact, it supports all the services that BTC-Trends has to offer including contact with the trading central and premium customer support. This account is designed for professional traders.

Lastly, the Platinum account functions as the VIP account and is the best choice for traders with big plans for the future. This account requires an initial deposit of 150,000 MNT as well but is unlocked under specific conditions. You need to contact the account manager to get details about the package that is offered for this account.

Easy-To-Access Learning Resources

Now, many people jump into online trading without any background knowledge which leads them to making poorly timed investments. Just because online trading seems like an easy source of income doesn’t mean that you can become good at it without any basic knowledge. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to get formal education on the financial market. Rather, you just need to learn about what figures and charts mean to be able to understand the factors that determine successful investments.

Your first instinct may be to search up the basics of online trading on the internet. However, this is not a very good idea because while the internet may be an encyclopedia of knowledge, you will not be able to find what you need to know. This is because the internet contains all sorts of information so you may get confused about how much you need to know. For this reason, BTC-Trends offers its own educational resources to make sure that traders don’t waste time browsing the internet for information.

The brokerage firm offers a variety of educational materials that can help traders learn all about the fundamentals of trading. They cover topics of theory and provide information on the use of trade tools and reading charts and graphs. The broker holds webinars and seminars to keep traders updated with the latest technology and tools that are being introduced into the trading world.

So, if you are a new trader, you don’t have to waste time in reading different blogs to understand what you need to know about online trading. BTC-Trends will provide you with everything that you need to know about in order to trade successfully.

Top-notch Security Protocols 

Online trading firms are frequently targeted by hackers and other cybercriminals. This is because these firms have a lot of sensitive information about the traders in their systems which the hackers want to get their hands on. Moreover, you also provide the broker access to your money that you deposit or earn. Many stories that you may come across on the internet about people losing their money while online trading is due to the poor security protocols implemented by the broker which led to hacking. Therefore, you should never compromise on the security features that the broker implements onto its system.

You may be wondering about how you can make sure that the broker that you are signing up with is secure. Well, you can simply read through their security protocol segment that is available on the website of any trustworthy broker. For instance, BTC-Trends has mentioned all the security protocols that it has implemented to prove to customers that it is a safe trading platform.

The broker has implemented several systems to ensure safety. It uses full data encryption to make your data and online activities unrecognizable. Furthermore, the trading firm uses 2FA (two-factor authentication) for logging in to ensure that your account is not being hacked. It also has installed systems to protect the system against DDoS attacks. The broker is complaint with PCI DSS standards and 3D secured payments security. By implementing these security protocols, BTC-Trends guarantees the safe environment of its trading platform.

Supported Trade Instruments

When you sign up with a brokerage firm, you need to make sure that it supports a diverse range of assets. This is because as a new trader you need to explore the different markets and learn how to trade with different assets. Moreover, since the financial markets are volatile, you never know which asset may reach its peak market rates or which may lose its market value. It is important that you always have investment options available to you so that you don’t have to sit idly while waiting for the market value of an asset to come back up.

When you sign up with BTC-Trends, this is something that you never have to worry about. This is because this brokerage firm offers various trading assets that you can invest in. The trading firm offers over 200 assets and has a high liquidity ratio for all of them. The instruments of trade that BTC-Trends supports include stocks, commodities, currencies, and many others. You can use either Fiat or Cryptocurrencies to invest in these assets.

Accepted Payment Methods

A trader needs to make frequent deposits to their account to maintain an investing capital in their trader’s account. You need money to be able to invest in assets and earn profits. Moreover, traders also need to withdraw their earnings from their trader’s account on the brokerage firm. Since they are using online trading firms, they need to use online payment options as well.

To make it easier for its customers to proceed with their transactions, BTC-Trends accepts payments via multiple means of payments. The broker accepts deposits via credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, JCB, and several others. The trading firm also accepts payment via wire transfers and e-wallets. So, you can easily proceed with the transactions through the method of your choice.

Easy Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process is a little more complicated than depositing because it requires the customer to prove their identity and get approval from the bank. However, to keep up with the security protocols and the regulatory requirements, many brokerage firms make the process of withdrawing money very complicated. Furthermore, they also charge large percentage of commissions per withdrawal as well as take a long time to process.

BTC-Trends has made it slightly easier to make withdrawals from the account for the users in that the request for a withdrawal is completed withing 5 days at the max. The broker also does not charge any hidden fees or commissions per deposit which is always a bonus point. The one thing that you need to remember is that you have to withdraw an amount of at least $50 for it to be approved. This is the minimum amount that you can request to withdraw.

AML and KYC Policies

When you see the AML and KYC policies, you should immediately become at ease with the broker. This is because these policies show you that the brokerage firm is regulated and can be trusted. These policies are placed by the regulatory authorities as a measure to protect the customer from the brokerage firm in case it becomes hacked.

AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering and prevents cases of money laundering. This policy requires that the brokerage firm implements a certain system that documents all of the clients records and movements. This allows the broker to assess if the customer is using illegal money laundering means. While the KYC policy stands for Know Your Customer and is implemented to secure the customer. When the KYC policy is placed, the customer is required to provide proofs of identity before the broker proceeds with any major order such as withdrawing an amount.

BTC-Trends is compliant with both the AML and KYC policies which shows that you can trust that this trading firm is one that you can trust with your data and your money.  

Offers Proper Leverage

Leveraged trading is probably one of the best things a brokerage firm can offer you. This is because leverage trading allows traders to aim higher in terms of investments. Leveraged trading is a pretty great feature for brokerage firms to provide and I will explain to you why. When a trading firm offers a leverage, it is basically offering its support to your investment. So, if the broker offers a leverage of 1:50, this means that for every $1 that you put in an investment, the broker will put in $50 on your behalf. This allows you to invest in assets that are outside your current financial range. And when done properly, you can double or triple your earnings with it.

BTC-Trends offers impressive leverage rates ranging from 100 to as high as 400. This is a very impressive range as many trading firms hardly go over 1:100 ratio. You can use this leverage to invest larger assets. Moreover, it will also allow you to invest in multiple assets at a time because you will have higher liquidity than usual in your investment capital. Using leverages for investing in different assets is also a great way to build a diverse trade portfolio.

However, you should also remember that when it comes to online trading, nothing is risk free. Leverages are pretty great on their own when they are used properly with calculated investments. If you lose your pace and start investing in multiple assets using leverage, you may have to face losses larger than you can overcome. This all comes down to the volatility of the assets that you are investing in. So, while it can be exiting to trade with leverages, you should make sure that you are not going overboard.

It is also important to make sure that you don’t get tempted to sign up with a firm that offers unbelievably high leverage because, it is very likely that it is a trap for unsuspecting traders. Similarly, you may come across brokers that don’t offer leverage at all under the pretense that they are risky. You should also avoid those firms because an important feature should not be omitted just because it is risky. 

Easy Account Registration 

The registration process is your first interaction with the trading firm. Now, if the broker brings forward a complex and long sign-up form in your first interaction with it, you may reconsider your choice. New traders are already intimidated with the concept of online trading. They may have their doubts about how easy the process of online trading really will be. So, if they are faced with a form that asks a lot of detail about their private life and confidential information, they may rethink their choice. It is important for brokerage firms to offer a simple and short sign-up form. A sign of a reliable broker is that it doesn’t bother with a lot of detail to register your account.

With BTC-Trends, you don’t have to waste a lot of time during the initial registration process. By filling just a few slots of information such as your name, country, phone number email address, and account password, your account is ready to go. At this stage you can explore the different features and services that the trading firm offers.

The Bottom Line 

BTC-Trends is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a multi-purpose trading platform. The services and the features that you will find on BTC-Trends are a combination that you will rarely find on many other brokers. Speaking from experience, your trading experience with this trading firm will be extremely profitable even as a new trader thanks to the modern technology it offers. On top of the discussed features, the trading firm also provides spectacular customer supports that you can rely on 24/5.

As I mentioned earlier, I have talked about the top 10 features of this broker that I think every trader needs to look for in a trading firm. After reading this review, I am sure that you are curious to try out the features that this trading firm offers yourself. Well, BTC-Trends has made that easier as well and offers a demo account that you can use to test its services. 


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