Janet Yellen hat ihre Meinung über Kryptowährungen geändert

The future US Treasury Secretary believes that the United States needs to consider the benefits of cryptocurrency, but also not to forget about the possibilities of abuse

This is the first official statement by an official about cryptocurrency since 2018. Yellen expressed her opinion on cryptocurrencies in a letter to the Senate Finance Committee.

Cryptocurrencies can certainly pose a threat because of their anonymity, she said. They can be used for money laundering, supporting terrorism and other illegal activities. However, they can also "improve the efficiency of the financial system."

It is necessary to study how to enhance the use of cryptocurrencies for legitimate purposes, and prevent the use for malicious and illegal transactions.

If approved, Janet Yellen plans to work closely with regulators to develop and implement an effective new regulatory and legal framework.

Interestingly, the first message about the mood of the future finance minister was more negative. In an interview with Bloomberg, she stressed that cryptocurrency is often used for abuse and illegal funding.

This had a negative impact on the cryptosphere yesterday. Probably the BTC price collapsed because of this. Fortunately, in a written response to Senator Maggie Hassan, her opinion looks different.

Who is Janet Yellen?

Yellen is well versed in economics. Previously, she was the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US Central Bank and she was proposed by Biden for the post of head of the United States Treasury. Her approval in this post may take place on January 22, a couple of hours after the publication of this news.