Die kubanischen Behörden werden sich mit Kryptowährungen auseinandersetzen

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are put on the agenda in Cuba. By 2026, digital assets will become an integral part of the economy and social policy of the state

To that end, guidelines for the next five years would be developed in the country. They involve the research and implementation of new technologies aimed at improving financial performance.

It is likely that the Cuban authorities have decided to take such a step for a reason. After all, cryptocurrencies can be a great way to avoid U.S. sanctions.

We have already written earlier that we think about Bitcoin prominent politicians and financiers of the United States. According to them, Bitcoin can become China's financial weapon aimed at undermining the dominance of the dollar.

Cuba may follow the example of China, Venezuela and a number of other countries that are looking for great business and investment opportunities in digital currencies.

Let's see if Cuba can implement the plan. Anyway, the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies will benefit Bitcoin!

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