Die CITIC Bank (China) hat BTC-Transaktionen verboten

China, an advanced country in the introduction of CBDC, still includes the "red light" cryptocurrency. State bank bans transfers with Bitcoin and altcoins

China CITIC Bank explained the decision to ban transactions with cryptocurrencies. According to the bank's representatives, it is necessary to prevent money laundering and devaluation of the national Chinese currency the yuan.

This prohibition applies to both individuals and organisations. Representatives of the bank said that they will suspend such operations and close cryptocurrency accounts. Customers of the bank were also asked to report the detection of such transactions so that the bank could take action.

Interesting is the fact that sending cryptocurrencies between users is not prohibited in China. However, some banks refuse to support crypto transactions.

They also explain this by preventing money laundering. This seriously harms the cryptosphere, inhibiting its development.

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