In den USA wird möglicherweise ein neuer Kryptowährungsregler erstellt

Gary Gensler, head of the SEC, believes that the U.S. needs to create a separate agency to control the cryptosphere. We also need a new regulatory framework for cryptocurrency exchangers

Gensler named the main source of most cryptosphere problems in the United States. This is the lack of direct responsibility of all the agencies that currently regulate the cryptosphere. This leads to inconsistent steps during regulation and harms the development of the industry.

A simple and logical solution to the problem is to create new regulatory bodies that would directly control the exchange of digital assets. Perhaps, if such a decision is made, it will introduce regulatory clarity in the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

This is not Gensler's first such statement. He has previously mentioned that laws in the U.S. can conflict at the state and federal level. This further complicates the task for regulators.

If a new regulator is created, direct oversight will help create a safer space for crypto investors. This will benefit the entire industry.

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