John McAfee wird wegen Betrugs und Manipulation der Kryptowährung angeklagt

A federal court in Manhattan has charged antivirus tycoon John McAfee with conspiracy to launder funds using cryptocurrencies. In addition to him, the US Department of Justice also detained Jimmy Gale Watson Jr., executive advisor to the McAfee crypto team.

The deputy director of the New York FBI said they used their social media accounts to pump and dump certain tokens. By attracting investors through the hype in the emerging market, McAfee and Watson spread false information to whet the interest of users.

On such manipulations, the suspects managed to earn about $13 million. They also advertised dubious cryptocurrency projects, receiving monetary rewards from the creators for this. Offenses were recorded between 2017 and 2018.

Audrey Strauss' attorney and the Manhattan Attorney's Office argue that there is ample evidence of manipulation schemes in John McAfee's account that mislead gullible investors. The lawyer also clarified that investors should always be wary of any approval of cryptocurrency projects on social networks.

Recall that McAfee himself has been in a Spanish prison since the fall of 2020, from where he periodically posts tweets about his condition. He was detained in October 2020 when the US Department of Justice accused him of tax evasion and violating securities laws.

Today he will be extradited to the United States while the antivirus tycoon's company struggles with $4.8 billion in debt.

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