DOGE-Mutter hat ihren DOGE in Honda Civic geändert

What you will not meet in the field of cryptocurrencies. Today we came across an interesting recognition of Billy Marcus, together with Jackson Palmer who created the acclaimed project Dogecoin

Turns out he won't be able to "warm his hands by the fire" while his offspring makes a couple of X in a week. He sold all his DOGE coins back in 2015 and bought a car on the secondary market.

Let's think what's best - Doge or Honda Civic. It's a perennial dilemma - better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. Marcus seems to be a fan of egg!!!

He says he was financially hampered by this. At the very beginning, when Dogecoin was created in 2013, it was a joke project. No more...

Marcus developed it until 2015 and then sold all the coins to buy a car. Fortunately, the project continued to be engaged, and today we see that Dogecoin has achieved good results, having made several X in a short period of time.

By the way, Billy Marcus betrayed his brainchild twice. The first time was when I sold the coins without thinking they could achieve anything more. And now that he fervently proves that DOGE can't be worth $1.

In his posts, he writes that the dollar for the coin of the meme, the coin jokes - is an unreasonable price, an unaffordable luxury. Allegedly so cryptocurrency will reach the capitalisation of such market monsters as Boeing, Starbucks, American Express and IBM, which "serve millions of people."

Marcus is sure that "Dogecoin shouldn't get this." He did this project in a couple of hours without straining. And does not approve of the place that DOGE occupies in modern culture and crypto space. Thinks, Elon Musk is acting irrationally by advertising DOGE. And so on...

It seems that he just regrets that he sold his coins and did not believe in the project. And now that Dogecoin has spread its wings without the help of its creator and reached a capitalisation of $8.6 billion, Billy Marcus is no longer needed. Of course, it's a shame, but all the better for DOGE and everyone who believes in this coin!

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