Der Mitbegründer von Guggenheim Partners nennt Ethereum nützlicher als Bitcoin

Guggenheim Partners co-founder, Todd Morley, said that ETH has considerably more potential than Bitcoin and is much more useful in itself.

In Morley's understanding, Bitcoin is more of a “thing”, while ETH is more valuable because of smart contracts. He noted that a large-scale “rollout” of the benefits of Ethereum has not yet come. But given the rate of growth in the number of developers, rapidly increasing for the sixth consecutive years, this "benefit" will come even faster than Moore's Law suggests. On this basis, Morley clarified that their company intends to become the leading company in the new industry.

Morley is quite familiar with the blockchain industry since he himself leads the DeFi company Overline Network, also known as Block Collider. Their startup establishes communication between blockchains, making it easier for DeFi to interact with BTC. Today Overline is working with JDS to design a blockchain tower in NY City, which they have already dubbed “the world's biggest NFT museum”. In addition, Todd Morley owns Interchange, a decentralized crypto exchange.

Will Ethereum surpass its “ancestor”, or will it remain the 2 cryptocurrency?

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