Buterin spendet 585.000 Euro für den Kampf gegen Covid-19 in Indien

Sandeep Nailwal urges crypto community not to be indifferent to the suffering of Indians in distress due to Covid

Sandeep Nailwal's post caught the attention of users. However, he said many are afraid to make a donation because of the uncertainty of regulation and taxation.

The polygon founder said he would be personally responsible for fundraising, transparency and compliance. He has the support of chartered accountants who solve all the issues.

Sandipa Nalwal's call caught vitalik Buterin's attention. He donated 100 ETH (equivalent to 212,000 euros) and 100 MKR (373,000 euros).

The former technical director of Coinbase donated 45,000 euros to ETH. In total, donations amounted to $1.7 million. The collection continues.

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