Fast 100% des Vermögens des Binance-Chefs ist Bitcoin

The founder of one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, believes that the liquidity of things is much more important than the ownership of them. Therefore, Changpeng Zhao concentrated all assets in the equivalent of crypto.

Almost all of his fortune has been converted to BTC, Zhao said. He has no real estate or cash stash. When asked about how much of the earned funds he invests in cryptocurrencies, Zhao stressed that this number is close to 100%.

According to the head of Binance, he does not consider physical things to be something significant, preferring not to own anything. Zhao also clarified that he does not intend to exchange the accumulated cryptocurrency reserves in his portfolio for fiat in the future. He also stressed that living in a hotel or a rented apartment gives a person many times more liquidity, recalling how he sold a Shanghai apartment, bought 15 years ago, in order to acquire Bitcoins.

Meanwhile, a research group at the Chinese Institute of Hurun claims that Changpeng Zhao is one of the richest people in the crypto industry. According to them, CZ is among the top three crypto billionaires with a fortune of 8 billion.

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