Tether entspricht dem Marktwert von EBay

The most criticised Stablecoin at the peak of DeFi and NFT projects has emerged as a market leader

Tether's capitalisation is almost $40 billion. Cryptocurrency showed a rapid growth of $10 billion in just 2 months. It is in third place in the top cryptocurrencies, second only to BTC and ETH.

The market value of the cryptocurrency is equal to the largest trading platform eBay. The capitalisation of USDT is larger than that of PayPal and will soon bypass the New York Bank Mellon.



Interestingly, 12 months ago Tether's capitalisation was 10 times smaller and was only $4.6 billion. During this year, the cryptocurrency has been criticised many times for price volatility associated with the next stage of the issue.

However, if you look at the price chart and assess the situation prevailing on the market, it becomes clear that the price of cryptocurrency was driven not by additional emission, but by demand from buyers.

USDT has a huge daily trading volume ($86 billion). A lot of currency pairs are open with this cryptocurrency. By the volume of trading it bypassed Bitcoin ($57 billion).

It is used on the over-the-counter market in large transactions. This market is now particularly active in China, where cryptocurrency trading is prohibited. Based on this, we can say that Asia is the largest market for Tether.

You can check the price of USDT/BTC and start trading cryptocurrency on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

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