Die Temenos AG arbeitet mit dem Fintech-Startup Taurus SA zusammen

Swiss company Temenos AG, which creates software for banks, cooperates with blockchain start-up Taurus

The products of blockchain start-up Taurus have proven themselves in the financial sphere. In Switzerland, every second bank uses them. Now access to crypto technologies will be open to all comers.

Due to the fact that more than 3000 banks in the world use Temenos AG software products, the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in their activities will be as simple and effective as possible.

According to Alexander Dure, director of products at Temenos, bank customers will be able to use the Temenos MarketPlace solution based on the Taurus blockchain to invest in crypto as easily as in traditional financial assets.

The integration of blockchain in Temenos MarketPlace will allow all connected banks to manage any securities, cash and cryptocurrencies in a single blockchain space.

The benefits that banks can gain from blockchain technologies, according to Taurus employees, extends further than just decentralization of investment portfolios.

Financial institutions can run tokenised securities, work with DeFi and other highly competitive crypto industries.

The main products that banking institutions will be able to use are:

  • Taurus-CAPITAL (tokenisation of investment assets).
  • Taurus-PROTECT (convenient and safe storage of cryptocurrencies).
  • Taurus-EXPLORER (integration with blockchain).

Taurus is licensed by the Swiss regulator FINMA, so all products operate in the legal field and easily pass all regulatory checks. This will ensure the rapid spread of blockchain technology not only in Europe, but all over the world.

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