Ripple stellt den Fintech-Veteranen Brooks Entwistle ein

Ripple has hired veteran fintech ex-Uber CEO and ex-Goldman Sachs partner Brooks Entwistle. His main task will be to expand the company's business in Southeast Asia.

Today Ripple is extremely interested in this region. Especially against the backdrop of legal disagreements with the US financial regulator. In the case of the Asian market, a professional staff was needed. Who, if not a person who gave 30 years of his life to fintech and worked in high positions in some of the best representatives of the industry, will be able to help Ripple with scaling?

Ripple found Entwistle's ability to predict potential problems with regulators in the Asia-Pacific region especially valuable. This skill was relevant at Uber, where Brooks helped the company launch in new markets.

RippleNet CEO Ashish Birla clarified that the payment system of Southeast Asia is so dynamic that you need to be able to quickly adapt to especially complex schemes. Therefore, Brooks' professionalism will be very useful in the implementation of RippleNet, as a competitive player against the background of local fintech companies and payment operators. Birla also added that the Asia-Pacific region is today a priority for Ripple and they are making every effort to arrange the foundation in it for further work.

The number of the company's transactions in the region showed a tenfold increase in 2020. This makes Southeast Asia the fastest growing region for RippleNet.

Their largest player was the Thai Siam Commercial Bank, which carried out over 500,000 transactions in 2020. The growth in the volume of incoming money transfers was 300%, and outgoing - 500%.

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