Rakuten (Japan) fügt seiner Krypto-Brieftasche Bitcoins hinzu

Shopping through retailer Rakuten in Japan can now be made using cryptocurrency

The retailer's payment app has been added to VTS, BCH and ETH. Buyers can convert them to Rakuten Wallet and shop with thousands of sellers.

You can make cryptocurrency payments through Rakuten Pay. This app is designed for mobile payments. It is used all over the country.

Rakuten has been friends with cryptocurrencies since 2019. Then numerous rakuten Group users were able to exchange loyalty points for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since The First of March, the integration of cryptocurrencies into Rakuten's activities has increased. Rakuten Wallet, Cash and Pay are united in a single network. Therefore, anyone who has a Rakuten Wallet trading account can start using the new service and get a welcome bonus.

The retailer does not charge for the conversion of the cryptocurrency into the yen. The minimum one-time payment using cryptocurrency should be $9.4 (thousand yen). Monthly maximum - $940 (100 thousand yen).

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