Der neuseeländische Pensionsfonds investiert 5% der Fonds in BTC

Since October 2020, the New Zealand Pension Fund has allowed pensioners to invest in Bitcoins

BTC has since risen in value, overtaking gold and securities in terms of growth. Therefore, the decision of the pension fund was justified and brought significant benefits to the New Zealand pensioners.

During the Covid-19 Bitcoin has become more attractive than gold. Therefore, investments in it have enabled KiwiSaver Growth Strategy Fund to provide its clients with a good return on investment.

Currently, only 5% of assets are invested in cryptocurrency. The decision to buy Bitcoin was criticised by some representatives of the Authorities of New York because of the speculative nature of the cryptocurrencies.

Despite the objections, the investment has fully paid off. The fund received a good income. Higher than other channels of investment - bonds and shares. Therefore, in the future some of the funds managed by the fund will also be invested in Bitcoin.

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