EZB: Ergebnisse öffentlicher Konsultationen zum CBDC

The European regulator has found out what is the attitude of the EU population to the possible introduction of the digital euro

The survey received 8,200 online responses. Of these, almost half (47%) of those in the uk were not 15 per cent from Italy and 11 per cent from France.

Most of those surveyed admitted that they were interested in privacy at the CBDC. Also among the priorities - 18 percent of respondents security, 11 percent - accessibility for use in the EU.

Nine per cent expect CBDC to be less expensive. 8 percent want the digital euro to be available for online payments. However, users are willing to sacrifice all other benefits, as long as the digital euro is confidential.

The research was carried out from October 2020. The results of the study will serve as the material for the launch of the European CBDC test. According to the representative of the bank, it is very important that the CBDC meets the wishes of Europeans.

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