Da Vinci Capital-Investoren fordern 20 Millionen US-Dollar für den Zusammenbruch von TON

A few days ago, information appeared on the network that the Disruptive Era Fund managed by Da Vinci Capital sent a letter to Durov, the founder of Telegram

Ilya Perekopsky, Deputy Head of TG, and other employees received a copy of it. The messenger was demanded to compensate for the loss of $100 million for the collapse of the TON project. Otherwise, investors threaten to file a lawsuit.

This information was also confirmed by a source close to the investors who formed the class action lawsuit, as well as people familiar with Telegram top managers. The latter argue that the investors actually demanded $20 million, not $100 million. But Forbes clarified that there is currently no data on whether the letter in question was the last one.

If Telegram refuses to recover losses, investors threaten to sue. For large companies, such letters often do not come as a surprise, but rather refer to technical issues. Initially, the British capital will become a springboard for the trial, but other jurisdictions may soon be attracted.

Da Vinci Capital's partner declined to give Forbes any comments about the situation.

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