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Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade and have already endured booms and busts. The boom in cryptocurrency has potentialized in the past year, reflecting a broader acceptance from individuals and corporate investors. 

A great example is Bitcoin, which traded around $7,000 and is now around $40,000 buoyed by regulations that allowed banks to provide cryptocurrency custody for customers. Some investors have made a lot of money with cryptocurrencies and many individuals believe crypto will only get bigger and bigger with time.



One of the trading platforms you should look at is Bitop Exchange, a digital asset trading platform that focuses on CFDs and provides a unique and revolutionized experience for users who just began their journey in cryptocurrencies or are more experienced. The first-grade technology platform allows customers to seamlessly trade, conduct transactions of any size, and have a free and open trading environment, secure deposits and withdrawal environment. 

Moreover, Bitop exchange offers users a few other outstanding features that are definitely worth talking about. 


BTOP Token 

The official token issued by Bitop, known as BTOP, is the only business value transfer medium circulating on the platform; it has the dual functions of payment method and identity marking, making the token symbiotic and co-prosperous in Bitop’s ecosystem. Users that own the token can enjoy special assets as well as being able to trace the financial and security information of the currency. 



Business Functions 

Some of the business functions of BTOP include offsetting platform transaction fees, insurance, collateralized lending and stable coin equity. When a user participates in a transaction on the Bitop platform, regardless of the type of token traded, if he/she holds a full amount of BTOP, the system will discount the commission to be paid and calculate the equivalent amount of BTOP coins according to the prevailing market value, then use BTOP to complete the payment of the commission.

In addition, users will be able to get personal digital assets insurance by consuming BTOP platform coins in order to protect the safety of individual users' funds.


Being Part of Bitop Community 

Bitop comes with a couple of community rewards such as being part of an exclusive group where users can exchange ideas, strategies and lessons as well as being the first in line to know about occasionally releases relevant to BTOP, bounty tasks to motivate community participants and equip them with corresponding platform coin rewards and allowing holders to participate in decision-making on major operational matters, such as coin uploading voting, community self-governance decisions and future development planning voting by initiating smart contracts.

All in all, Bitop Exchange is a platform that will make your digital trading experience to be easy and fun, new users and ordinary investors can follow closely and copy trades from experienced traders on the platform thus reducing error cost of the whole process.

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