Thailändische SEC und Finanzaufsichtsbehörde der Kaimaninseln gegen Binance-Aktivitäten

The Financial Supervision Authority in Thailand and CIMA have put pressure on Binance in an attempt to prove the illegality of the financial transactions carried out by the exchange.

The Thai SEC has filed a lawsuit against the largest cryptocurrency exchange, accusing it of running a digital currency management firm with no license. The authorities assured that Binance encouraged investors to use their financial services through its web resource, or the official Facebook group.

Regulators also recalled how they called on Binance to provide an official response to their claims back in mid-spring, but the exchange did not manage to send it on time. This was the final straw for the Thai department, after which it joined the Cayman Islands governors who filed a claim the day before and the MAS, which stated it intends to strictly watch the subsidiary of the crypto exchange Binance Asia Services Pte.

CIMA stated that the activities of three firms owned by Binance don't have licenses and require registration with a local administration. In addition, the regulator intends to study in detail each structure, one way or another affiliated with Binance, and conduct its business in the Cayman Islands.

Binance employees, in turn, claim that they did not manage the exchange in the Cayman Islands and adhered to the decentralized conduct of their business.

These claims complemented a notice from Japan's FCA received by the Binance team earlier. He was also not satisfied with the fact that the exchange operates with no license.

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