Kraken wird Hunderte von Startups über seinen neuen Fonds finanzieren

Kraken Exchange has launched a venture fund, the main task of which will be to promote innovation in the sphere of cryptocurrencies

The management of the exchange expects that the new project will make a significant contribution to the reorganisation of the traditional financial system, the development of the cryptocurrency industry and the promotion of interesting startups.

Kraken Ventures aims to support crypto business, as well as work on transparency, openness and inclusion of crypto technologies. The main area of interest of the fund is DeFi, blockchain and fintech.

Kraken Ventures is also interested in cybersecurity, mining, databases, and artificial intelligence. Kraken specialists will assess the prospects of the projects.

Thanks to a Kraken's well-thought-out strategy, cryptocurrency startups will receive early financing. Just when it's so important!

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