Indonesien führt erste virtuelle BSC-Währung ein

Toko Token (TKO) is a hybrid of two technologies - CeFi and DeFi. It combines their greatest strengths

The token is launched on Binance Smart Chain. This is the first digital currency of the Indonesian project at BSC. Developers have chosen this blockchain, as Binance is the largest exchange and a popular platform for launching digital currencies.

At the time of release, the TKO digital coin was valued at $0.1. The total emission will be 500 million tokens. The project was widely advertised, and by the time of launch there were more than two hundred thousand people on the waiting list.

Tokocrypto coin developers believe that TKO has great potential. With the help of the digital currency, Indonesians can unleash the unlimited potential of blockchain.



The coin can be used for deposits, savings programs, purchase and sale of goods, receipt of cashback. The NFT will launch an NFT platform for the trade in art objects.

Toko Token will also add popular DEX to the listing. Thanks to DeFi part of the project, token owners will be able to access profitable loans. 

Indonesia is a country with a population of 270 million people. Thanks to TKO, the country will be able to use modern technologies and build a financial system that is not inferior to developed countries.

You can get more information, register and start trading on Binance.

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