Coinbase kauft Bison Trails

Integration into the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency exchange will enable Bison Trails to step up its work. This will be done by developing a simple and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure to strengthen the cryptocurrency ecosystem

The exchange's blog says that efforts to create a reliable, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure are the top priorities today. Therefore, Bison Trails will continue to provide world-class service to its customers as well as work on its ambitious projects.

In particular, Bison Trails will provide all system participants with easy-to-use tools and ready-made solutions for scaling. This will help transform the financial system by making it more open and efficient.

Coinbase is committed to creating an infrastructure that will empower the crypto economy. The current Bison Trails offerings will be part of the core set of the Coinbase ecosystem. Additional infrastructure and API services will be expanded over time.

Recall that the joint history of Coinbase and Bison Trails has been going on since 2019, when Coinbase Ventures provided funds for the development of a blockchain startup. This was followed by a partnership with Coinbase Custody in 2020.

In 2021, shared goals and objectives made it clear for the need of continued coexistence to support the crypto economy. Therefore, according to Coinbase, the acquisition of Bison Trails is a profitable and correct decision!