Coinbase Assets überschreiten 90 Milliarden US-Dollar

The rising price of Bitcoin sparked a colossal capital increase last year - up to $90 billion. In addition to increasing capital, the number of registered users has also increased, of which there are more than 43 million on the platform

This information is posted on the exchange website in the "About Us" section. Data was collected when summing up the results for 2020. They are valid as of December 31st.

Half of the $90 billion is managed by Coinbase Custody. The exchange also carried out transactions worth over $1 billion. Therefore, it is not surprising that such an organization is about to go public.

Brian Foster of Coinbase Institutional said the report was written for informational purposes. Those interested will be able to get acquainted with crypto assets traded on the exchange and evaluate how organizations (for example, MicroStrategy, Ruffer Investment) cooperate with Coinbase.