DuckDAO startet Orions Launchpad

Decentralized DuckDAO project plans to try out Launchpad Liquidity solution created by Orion

The liquidity solution is designed to increase the popularity of the initial DEX (DEX) offerings. With Launchpad, DuckDAO will offer its customers the exchange of tokens using a decentralized DuckSWAP exchange.

This will make unnecessary use of Uniswap and other popular DEX. It will save on commissions, as all exchange transactions will be carried out on the basis of DuckDAO.

The platform will trade its own DuckDAO token. The platform will receive a commission, which will go to the development of the DuckDAO project. 

Recall that the Orion project is a decentralized platform aimed at increasing the liquidity of projects (exchanges, swap pools). Orion management expects many projects to join Launchpad Liquidity testing. However, no other integrations have been reported so far.

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