Binance unterstützt das Upgrade von Kava Network 5.1

Investments in Kava pay off. This DeFi project has experienced several performance improvements. Recently, the developers upgraded Kava 5.1

Regular work on the project reduces the risk of investment and makes it easier to use the platform. Therefore, Kava Network 5.1 has received the support of leading players in the industry, including Binance.

In its Twitter account, the exchange announced that it will support the renewal and hard fork of the cryptocurrency. This will allow this project to provide BTC collateral loans to more customers.

Kava offers good interest. For example, if Tesla were to block deFi tokens for the year, its revenue would be 45% - about 21,600 BTC.

The upgrade of the project took place on April 8th at 13:00 (UTC). No new tokens were created under the hard fork.

You can get more information, register and start trading on Binance.

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