3 DeFi-Projekte halten die ETH für 25 Milliarden US-Dollar

Aave, Compound and MakerDAO show record in first quarter of 2021

Loans for deposits on DeFi platforms do not lose their popularity. Three of the above-mentioned projects have totally frozen more than $25 billion in Ethereum smart contracts.

Lending rates were distributed among the three projects in this way:

  • Compound 53%
  • MakerDAO 30%
  • Aave 17%

Lending through DeFi gained popularity last year. Many cryptocurrency owners were able to borrow under the collateral of tokens. It is convenient and fast, and to get a loan, you do not need to contact the bank.

Instead of tokens, which the user leaves in the deposit, he gets STAPLEs DAI, tied to the dollar. He can dispose of the funds as he sees fit.

Given the benefits of this offer, many have resorted to lending. In 2020 there was a stable demand for loans. In 2021, the trend has intensified.

Currently, more than $55 billion is blocked in DeFi projects. March and April were profitable for ETH, so the total cost of the blocked funds increased.

However, there is an opinion that the second quarter of 2021 may not be so optimistic. Cryptocurrency prices are falling in the wake of the price of Bitcoin. ETH fell two percent in a week. Aave lost 22% in value. But Maker grew by 22% and Compound by 10%. Let's see what happens next.

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