Affe zum Preis eines gefälschten APE

Stories about various uncomplicated fraudulent schemes and the naivety of the victims never cease to amaze. Sometimes the emotions from what you read are so mixed that it’s not even clear how to react…

Using fake APE tokens, the scammer managed to buy a crypto monkey. The cunning man made a deal with the naive owner of BAYC #8373, on the NFT Trader platform. The attacker contacted the owner of the lot via discord and offered to buy his NFT monkey for 26,500 APE, which was about $160,000 at the time of the transaction.



The swindler did not bother much, he simply created a smart contract and issued tokens of the ERC-1155 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, under the name ApeCoin. The unsuspecting seller did not check the information, but simply trusted the well-known site. Immediately after the completion of the transaction, the scammer, without hesitation, resold the NFT, earning 155,000 real American dollars on it, leaving the owner with nothing. 

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